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Awareness Camp – Crafts Handloom Village, Moiring

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Awareness Camp for Implementation of Craft Handloom Village, Moirang under National Handloom Development Programme was held on 10th October, 2021 at Moirang, Bishnupur. In the event Th. Shanti, Hon’ble MLA, Moirang Assembly Constituency, inaugurate the camp as Chief Guest.

He stated that Moirang is an important place for the people of Manipur, being the reason of the existence of INA Memorial, Loktak Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park, the Legendary story of Khamba Thoibi, Ebudhou Thangjing Temple, the GI tag Moirang Phee’s origin and a perfect place to built the Craft Handloom Village, one of the biggest project for Handloom & Textiles. The Craft Handloom Village aims to be a Handloom Tourist Destination. This project directly benefits to 4 localities under Moirang namely Kumam with 159 houses, Hemam with 102, Kongjengbam with 159 and Moirangthem with 100 in total 520 houses. One Individual for every household.  This project also indirectly benefits to bring other opportunities of mass employment extending to fish markets, taxi service and many other services. All this efforts for development will be fruitful when the localities provide their support to this project.  Thus Localities will play a vital role in hospitality for the tourists.

  1. Lamlee Kamei, Director of Handloom & textiles also stated more details about the project and its benefits. To showcase of rural life, art, culture, heritage and tradition of hand weaving, Interaction between the tourists and the weavers, 115 houses has been assigned to keep their houses clean and painted with the traditional Leitan (grey) color. Proper Drainage, foot paths, solar street lamps, cafeterias, shops for selling the final products. Workshed 10-20 Weavers capacities will be developed, benches, flowers and plants will be planted, dustbins will be provided for maintaining the Cleanliness. 30 males will be employed for wooden Traditional Boating service to the visitors.

30 weavers will be selected to tour other Craft Handloom Village centres to learn how they work. Under Technology up gradation, 100 weavers will be provided Looms and Drums, 60 weavers will be provided solars. 2 Yarn Shops at subsidised rate, Under Value addition packaging 200 workers will be selected for other activities apart from weaving such as starching, ironing, washing, embroidery and others. All the weavers will be required to provide aadhar and Pehchan card to get their beneficiaries and all their payments or beneficiaries will be entered to their own bank accounts that are linked with aadhar.

Loktak Development Authority centre will cleaned the River water passage approximately 10km for the Boating services. Toilets will be built along the river banks. Electric movable vehicles will be provided for visitors for those areas where visitors’ vehicle will not be allowed. There will be a Management Committee that will maintain the Craft Handloom Village.

Hospitality and warm welcome nature will be an effort to be shown by the localities for more visitor attractions.

  1. Jeeten, MD, MHHDCL ; H.K. Baro, Deputy Director, Weaver Service Centre and Project Manager of District Handloom & Textile Office, Bishnupur also graced the event.
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