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Notice for Amendment of RRs

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No. Estt-l61H&Tl20l7: In pursuance of Government letter No.5/52018-TC&I dated 8-05-2019 and ETCI-1051/112020-TCI dated 04-lI-2020 read with DP’s instruction videtheir letters (i) No. ll2llg-F.R/DP dated 24-04-2019, (ii) No.l/17t20-MpSC(RR)tDp(A)dated 09-10-2020, (iii) No.1/28/2020-RR/DP dated O1-O!-ZOZ1 and (iv) dated 13-01-2021 also read with MPSC’s letter No.51712020-MPSC(RR)/\4isc OateO OZ-t 0-2020 ittconnection with Amendment/Review of Recruitment Rules (RRs) of the following postsof the Directorate of Handlooms & Textiles, Manipur in the Department of Textiles,Commerce & Industry), Government of Manipur, duly filled in MpSC Form-10 is herebyuploaded in the Departmental website “