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Notice EoIs for engaging Textile Designer

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In Cluster Development Programme (CDP) under National Handloom Development
Program (NHDP), a qualified Designer/Agency will be engaged by the Implementing
Agency for developing innovative designs and marketable products for the cluster.
Designer will develop the design portfolios, which will be further developed into sellable
products by the handloom weavers who do not have much exposure to market and thus not
aware of the consumer preference and other market trends.
Once the design portfolio is developed, the process of product development will begin
with the support of the Implementing Agency. Products will be developed by the weavers
of the Implementing Agency of the cluster. The total cost of designs and sample
development will be borne from the funds provided under Product Development
intervention by the GoI to the IA. Designs created by the designers will be provided free of
cost to the willing weavers of the cluster.

File name : Form-and-documents-of-EOI-for-Designer.pdf